Via Response bring your own device clicker software to test in your classroom

Free software test- faculty and adjuncts
Lehman College has been invited to a free one semester test pilot of Via Response, the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) cloud-based software that operates much like the hardware based ‘clicker’ personal response system. A recent college-wide survey illustrates that browser-based so-called ‘smart’ phones are becoming ubiquitous on our campus and that nearly all students now use them, so instead of having to purchase hardware through tech fee funds, we can support Via response, which utilizes students’ own smart phone, tablet or laptop to access questions that you’ve pre-submitted via the  internet. Via supports a broad array of question types, including multiple choice, free text response, numerical response, even ‘on the fly’ and anonymous questions. For an invitation to join us in this test pilot, see the attached document labeled Lehman Test Pilot – ViaResponse. An explanation for why clickers are a valuable teaching tool see attache document ‘why are we using clickers?’

Those who want to participate in this free test pilot can contact me via the link below by February 8. I look forward to hearing from you!
Viaresponse Test Pilot information

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