Collaboration and peer editing using buddy press docs and Google Docs

I hope you are all enjoying the winter break along with the balmy temps… I’ve barely pulled on my gloves this winter!

I’ve been working with several of you during the break on incorporating collaborative documents into your coursework. Imagine adopting a peer editing program where much of the edit and revision process of major papers, projects and course writing is being collaborated on and facilitated by your students!

The most popular of these collaborative document exchange tools are right here in the Commons (called buddy press docs) and in Google (Google docs). With the Commons and Google groups it makes it highly possible for you to work entirely outside of the Blackboard domain. While these docs are incredibly easy to create, collaborate on and share I’ve created some instructional tutorials complete with photo illustrations so that even novices can be up and running in only a few minutes. You can find these documents in our files section and within the links below.

I hope you get use out of them and I look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions!
Signing Up For and Using Google Docs
How to use buddy press docs

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I started in education 10 years ago starting a media center and television studio for students in District Ten in the Bronx. Middle school students and teachers were introduced to media and media literacy projects designed for active learning in real world contexts. For the past 5 years I have been an academic program developer, coach and workshop leader. I have significant expertise in course design, curriculum planning, online teaching, training, coaching & mentoring and major event logistics & execution. My emphasis is on integrating the Internet and new media into teaching and learning. My background in television and radio, teaching teachers in K-12 through Higher Education, professional life coaching, and yes, even my newly acquired professional chef skills brings depth to my latest position of Associate Director of Online Education at Lehman College. I am very excited to be among this group of professionals to take my understanding of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning to even greater heights.
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