Graduate Teaching Fellow and New Adjunct Teaching Workshops- August 21-23

This summer the Office of Undergraduate Studies and Online Education at Lehman College is offering hands-on guidance to GTFs who are just starting out in their teaching roles. This intensive series of 3 five-hour in-person workshops will be held from 10 am-3 pm August 21-23, is intended for fellows no matter their teaching experience. We are also opening this opportunity to new adjunct instructors. To that end, over the course of the three days we will offer a range of high-impact pedagogical practices and innovative teaching and learning strategies: syllabus development that incorporates active learning, Blackboard supported online techniques, projects that utilize Web 2.0, even how to teach in a hybrid (blended) environment to help them get started.

We encourage new adjuncts and Graduate Teaching Fellows to take advantage of this opportunity to develop and grow within the craft of their teaching- (whether it be online or in-person). Anticipate that those who participate will be fully supported by representatives of Lehman’s office of Undergraduate Studies and Online Education.
GTFinvite Please see the attached letter and application for details.

About Alyson Vogel

I started in education 10 years ago starting a media center and television studio for students in District Ten in the Bronx. Middle school students and teachers were introduced to media and media literacy projects designed for active learning in real world contexts. For the past 5 years I have been an academic program developer, coach and workshop leader. I have significant expertise in course design, curriculum planning, online teaching, training, coaching & mentoring and major event logistics & execution. My emphasis is on integrating the Internet and new media into teaching and learning. My background in television and radio, teaching teachers in K-12 through Higher Education, professional life coaching, and yes, even my newly acquired professional chef skills brings depth to my latest position of Associate Director of Online Education at Lehman College. I am very excited to be among this group of professionals to take my understanding of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning to even greater heights.
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